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About Pete Beaman

Peter Beaman has been the ATSiP President since July 2012, but at the 2016 Conference he announced his desire to hand over to someone else. At our AGM he suggested that the role might be re-classified as 'BPS LIaison Officer' and ATSiP is currently awaiting confirmation of who might fill this role.


Peter has been instrumental in promoting and enhancing the professionalism of psychology technical staff in the UK.
(a) through his advocacy work with Higher Education Academy (HEA)  being a Fellow of the Academy has helped foster vital links with key staff within HEA, he has published several times with the Psychology Network on the Roles and Attributes of Psychology Technicians (2007) and also on Coaching in the Workplace (2009).
(b) also with BPS and AHPDs in the role of facilitating a meaningful dialogue/on line survey with regards the process towards some HEIs moving towards centralisation of technical staff, and its effect on psychology technical staff – a new BPS framework/guidance has resulted. 
(c) supporting the case for a new BPS Research Technician Award (for 2014). 
He has written an article for the West Midlands BPS Branch in Autumn 2013 on “A Psychology Technician’s lot in a changing and challenging academic world” 
In 2013 he received a commendation from the Judges of the 2013 HEA Technician Demonstrator of the Year Award for his ambassadorial work for psychology technician:


In 2014 Peter was shortlisted and nominated for Loughborough Academic Awards night and in 2015 he was presented with a certificate from the Student Union (Education) for his support of students learning/experience with the LBORO LEGEND award.


He has been the main University rep for HEATED where he is an active member for raising the professional profile of all technical staff within Academia. A new technical group has been initiated at his University which responses to the needs of technical staff for networking and proficiency  


He has presented papers at conferences on aspects of the student learning experience with regards to resources and courses (which led to him winning the first HEA Technician Award (2007)) spss/stats, CPD issues, and also involved with coaching, mentoring and pastoral work.”


This year at the annual ATSIP conference he presented a paper on Student’s feedback on awareness of BPS/Accreditation and Technical skills, and experience of technical support which is now in press to be published by the BPS.

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Pete Beaman