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Liverpool John Moores University


July 9th – July 11th 2008


Speakers at Conference with downloads where applicable


picture of Merlin bar

This year ATSIP held their annual meeting in Liverpool, City of Culture and...

Lamb Banana Sculptures!

On arrival Keith our conference organiser welcomed us to the School of Psychology and the earlier arrivals had either decided to book into the halls and have a quick swim in the on site pool or else had decided to start socialising with wine and nibbles.

Peter Beaman organised the annual attendees photo-shoot outside the School, 32 ATSIP members were present this year.


picture of Merlin bar

CAMRA Pub of Year

Later that evening we partook in the CAMRA Pub of Year the Ship and Mitre which was conveniently located almost outside the Psychology Dept and provided a large range of imported and UK national real ales. The food was good too even if we had a delay waiting for a few late arrivals!

Greasy Spoon breakfast at Me Mams Kitchen

Next morning the start of the meeting was headed up by a welcome by the HOD of the School Prof Andrew Tattersall who remarked on the range and skills of technical staff and how the School was developing.

Speakers - please see below:

We had a tour of the School which included a visit to all the labs (psychophysiology, driving stimulation, vision, sleep, video editing suite) which showed the breadth of research being undertaken in the School of Psychology.


Driving Simulation Lab

The evening conference meal was in the Western Rooms at the Anglican Cathedral which was a wonderful venue in a splendid building. After the meal members took a tour passing more lamb bananas, the RC Cathedral brilliantly illuminated and several likely pubs including the famous Philharmonic a Grade 1 monument of Victorian exuberance and well worth the visit.


The Thursday evening conference meal and Liverpool's Two Cathedrals.

The last day was the AGM which saw the re-election of the committee, chairman’s’ and treasurers report and the appointment of regional reps to work locally with nearby HEIs.

** The next ATSIP meeting will be held next year at Trinity College in Dublin on 8-10th July 2009 **

The Beatles Shop

The Cavern where they used to play.

Brahms and Liszt at the Victorian Pub

Speakers at the Conference

Keith Nicholson entertained us with a brief history guide to the School since he had been in post since 1995 and the changes both good and not so good that had taken place.

Dr Peter Malinowski from John Moores on Electroencephalography in Psychology from set up to data analysis and the types of EEG in use.

Dr Stephen Fairclough from John Moores presented Physiological Computing.

Neil Carter Swansea College University on High Performance Computing (HPC) and how speed really does matter sometimes, and the different developments in HPC that are taking place.


Peter Beaman from Loughborough University who presented Coaching in the Workplace and its effect with coaching students to perform with more efficiency.
Coaching” - Powerpoint Download 1.2Mb

Also, a discussion chaired by Peter Beaman took place looking at Technician’s role in HE Psychology Departments and especially issues relating to career progression, updating skills and attending training and professional development courses.

Dr Anna Law from John Moores talked about the strengths of using E-prime in her research work.
E-Prime” - Powerpoint Download 390Kb

John Robinson Chairman from the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) gave an overview of the organisation and how it could help ATSiP members with areas of training, CPD and recognition.


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