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Napier University


July 4th – July 6th 2007


Speakers at Conference with downloads where applicable

The ATSIP annual conference was at Napier University in Edinburgh from 4th to 6th July 2007. The reception was in the Psychology Labs, 18 Blantyre Terrace, followed by a drink and meal at the Merlin Bar which served excellent meals and ales.

picture of Merlin bar

Merlin Bar

picture of Merlin bar

The next day, after some of us had managed to get up to Arthur’s Seat before breakfast, we met in Napier University at Merchiston campus for registration before the head of school Howard Wollman welcomed us and the presentations began. The first talk was from Maria Shaw from Napier University who introduced us to the department and Research facilities followed by her experiencing of ‘Learning the role of Psychology Technician’ and her investigation of Multimedia software. After a tea break Peter Beaman from Loughborough University presented his on-line questionnaire results to date which has been exploring the profile and attributes of technical staffs in Psychology. Next Talk by Dr Rory Maclean at Napier on the subject area of creativity and Aging. Afterwards we were given a tour of the department which included its PC labs and research facilities.

picture of Merlin bar

View - Arthurs Seat

picture of Merlin bar

ATSIP start with HOD

Next we had a buffet lunch in the dept followed by the afternoon’s speakers. The first was given by Dr Hayley Ness from Napier on Eye Witness Testimony and Suspect Identification. This was followed by Talk: by Neil Carter Swansea University Matlab for the Human Sciences. Then a talk from the Higher Education Academy’s (HEA) staff in Psychology led by Richard Plant on the development of a website to help students and staff alike with choosing software, psychology tests, etc which was called “A Repository of Student Practicals”. This followed on with a discussion regarding the subject of the technician demonstrator role, and how the association could identify the criteria for the HEA to make an award for a technician that had made an outstanding contribution in this area of work.
This ended the programme of talks for the day and the evening was spent at in the grand Scottish baronial mansion, Abden House for the conference meal which was a wonderful setting to relax and discuss aspects of work and leisure at the same time.

The Thursday evening conference meal at Abden House.

The final morning was the AGM which saw elected the members who run ATSIP, discussing the 2008 Liverpool conference and matters arising from members about work practice, knowledge sharing and networking and training. The final talk came from Carlo Lucignoli from Swansea University on Building an experiment in E-Prime. This ended the 2007 conference and members either departed for home after sampling a bit of Edinburgh’s fine culture which included the famous High Street, Princes Street, Castle, and National Art at the Royal Scottish Academy.


Edinburgh Castle

Speakers at the Conference

Maria Shaw (Napier)
“Learning the role of Psychology Technician’ and investigation of Multimedia software”

Rory Maclean
“Creativity and Normal Adult ageing”.

Neil Carter
"Matlab for the Human Sciences"


Pete Beaman
"Profile of Technical staff in Psychology"

Dr Hayley Ness
"Eye Witness Testimony and Suspect Identification"

Carlo Lucignoli
“Building an experiment in E-Prime”

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