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Teeside University


June 26th – June 28th 2006

Monday June 26th
Delegates were welcomed during the evening at a drinks reception in the Psychology Department. This was followed by an informal dinner at Joe Rigatoni's, a local Italian Restaurant.

Tuesday June 27th
Speakers at the Conference:

Dr Dave Woodhouse (Director of CACTUS)
“Psychometric & Nutritional Approaches to ADHD”

Neil Carter

Noel Taylor:
"Developing with Authorware" - Powerpoint download 540kb

Carlo Lucignoli
"EEG, ECG Measurement and Data Analysis" - Powerpoint download 3Mb


The Tuesday evening conference meal at the Hotel.

Pete Beaman

James Millward - "Resources and Resolutions" at Royal Holloway - Powerpoint download 1.6Mb

Dr. Alessandro Soranzo
“The apparent contrast in the impossible shadows displays” - paper by Soranzo & Agostini - file download 172kb

Tea break

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